I am so excited that summer is here. I have so much more time for music! Here is a long awaited update:
This summer I get to work again with my lovely friends at Girls Up Loud: I am so grateful to Fleming McWilliams and Laura Donohue for their mentorship, and to my wonderful and talented co-campers. I am also back with YEAH at Southern Girls Rock 'n Roll camp - I am very appreciative of all the volunteers who help there (with a special shout out to Tiffany, Jessi, Ellen, and Sarah - thanks again for She's a Rebel - wow that was so much fun). AND I am excited for a new adventure at JAM Advanced Music Camp. If I am lucky, I will also go hang out at Fanny's with my friends Leigh and Pamela (and all their guitars). So watch for more posts and shows! Thanks to everyone for your support!

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