I'm Lindsey Lomis. Thanks for visiting my site! I'm a 15 year old singer songwriter from Nashville. I'm so excited about all the opportunities I have here to grow as a musician. Keep coming back for updates, and follow me on social media. Thanks!


I am so excited that summer is here. I have so much more time for music! Here is a long awaited update:
This summer I get to work again with my lovely friends at Girls Up Loud: I am so grateful to Fleming McWilliams and Laura Donohue for their mentorship, and to my wonderful and talented co-campers. I am also back with YEAH at Southern Girls Rock 'n Roll camp - I am very appreciative of all the volunteers who help there (with a special shout out to Tiffany, Jessi, Ellen, and Sarah - thanks again for She's a Rebel - wow that was so much fun). AND I am excited for a new adventure at JAM Advanced Music Camp. If I am lucky, I will also go hang out at Fanny's with my friends Leigh and Pamela (and all their guitars). So watch for more posts and shows! Thanks to everyone for your support!

She's a Rebel II !! 

I'm so excited for this all-women tribute to girl-bands of the 50's and 60's. The line-up is amazing - I am looking forward to rehearsals so I can learn from everyone. In addition to an awesome core band, we will have back-up singers, horns, and strings. I can't wait!

A special thanks to Jessi Zazu who has done the artwork for the event. She made posters of each artist - they are amazing. Mine just came out...
She's a Rebel presents Lindsey

The show is almost sold out, so if you don't have tickets you better get some!

Fall Update 

Sorry I haven't updated recently, but since school started I've been busy with classes (btw they're going great). I have been spending lots of time working with my new coach learning guitar, and playing around on keys too. I do find time to post some short clips on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there. I got noticed by Talented Musicians and I have my first fan club!! Lindsey Lomis Fan. You are sooo sweet! Thank you for supporting me!!

Summer Singing 

I have had such a fun summer performing all around the country! Tackling artists from Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top to Michael Jackson, Sara Bareilles and some new original material, I have learned so much.

At the Denver School of Rock, I stepped out of my comfort zone to learn about rock 'n roll. I got to work with some really talented kid musicians and we had a blast.  Back in Nashville, I was honored to play at Gilda's Club Nashville for some of the patients and families they serve. It was so touching; they really listened to the lyrics and personally connected to the meaning of my song "If Only." I was amazed to witness the emotional power of music. At Girls Up Loud camp I reconnected with my closest singing friends to learn more complex harmonies. I was honored to sing at the wedding of some family friends in Pennsylvania. Performing as they walked down the aisle was a little nerve-wracking! So I tried to remember that the song was a gift to them. On the porch of their beautiful new home that night, we had a family jam session that reminded me what music is really about. Southern Girls Rock 'n Roll Camp Nashville brought long days of hard work. We formed new bands, wrote our own songs, created band t-shirts all in just one week. It was so fun to play in a real rock venue (the Basement East). I am grateful that they also gave me a solo performance slot. It was my first time to play my guitar on stage and I got my first real review! (they did spell my name wrong, but it's still cool)

-see the section about Friendly Enemies



We have a few more weeks of summer left - I can't wait to see what's next!

"If Only" travels the world!! 

Thank you thank you thank you !!
-to all of you who have already supported me and "If Only."

We don’t know exactly who has downloaded “If Only;” but based on wonderful messages from friends it has been an amazing first week! 
These are places where "If Only" has been heard. IF you don't see your city, state, or country - please leave a comment to let us know you are listening.

It's not too late to download and help support all the wonderful work of Gilda’s Club Nashville (more about them soon!).


Download for Charity 

"If Only" tells the sad story of a teen girl who loses her mom to cancer.  After learning more about what cancer patients and their families and friends go through, I am excited to partner with Gilda's Club Nashville, an organization that provides free education, support and hope to people affected by cancer.

When you download "If Only," a portion of the proceeds will support this great cause!  Check them out at www.gildasclubnashville.org


If Only 

The writing and recording of "If Only" has been such an amazing experience. It all started with a book report... The meaning of this song is actually really sad. I was inspired to think about what it would be like to lose a loved one to cancer. I was influenced by the book If Only. I co-wrote this song with my vocal coach and producer, Ray Barnette, and we recorded it with some great session musicians at Omni Sound Studios. It was so fun! I loved meeting amazing musicians; they helped my song come to life! And of course during the whole process I was freaking out because I was going on iTunes!! I hope you love the song!

Previous events


Cars and Cures

Mill Creek Automotive, Nolensville

I am happy to be part of this event supporting Project Alive in its quest to help those with Hunter's Syndrome. Come out to see me, and enjoy a full day of family friendly events.


Nashville Teen Music Project

The Local, 110 28th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

Excited to be back at The Local kicking off a Nashville Teen Music Project event. Come see me and my friends for a great afternoon of music!


Tomato Fest

The 37206 Main Stage, Nashville

Looking forward to playing at Tomato Fest again this year. I'll be performing with Girls Write Nashville.


GRAMMY Camp Showcase

Carson Sound Stage, USC Campus, Los Angeles

So excited to perform with some of my new friends after an awesome week of creating!

Tour de Nash

5th Avenue Stage

I am excited to be part of the 2018 AAA Walk Bike Nashville Tour de Nash! Come out to the 5th Avenue Stage at 1pm to see me and my friends from Girls Write share our new originals!


Crawfish for Cancer

Sigmund Residence

I am honored to participate in this event to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Lightning 100 DJ Pick of the Week

"Our Memories" was selected by Lani Ford as her DJ Pick. It will play in heavy rotation on Lightning 100 all day January 19. So excited to be on the radio!!

Nashville Symphony Free Day of Music

Schermerhorn Symphony Center, One Symphony Place, Nashville, TN 37201

I am so excited to join this celebration of all styles of music at the beautiful Schermerhorn complex. I will be on the Courtyard Stage at 6pm for a full acoustic set! I can't wait to catch other performances including the amazing Nashville Symphony - hope to see you there!

Summer fun with friends, in the Blue Room at Third Man Records!

Summer fun with friends, in the Blue Room at Third Man Records!

Thanks to Nick Paranjape and his team for putting together such a nice story about me, Gilda's Club of Nashville, and "If Only."

Thanks to Nick Paranjape and his team for putting together such a nice story about me, Gilda's Club of Nashville, and "If Only."

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